Code && Cake

A meetup that brings together cake enthusiasts (chocolate, fruit, Victoria, vegan, cup or pop varieties - we're agnostic) and people who want to work on their coding side projects. We figure there are never enough opportunities to indulge in either, hence Code && Cake.

The format is fairly self-explanatory; we'll meet up twice a month to work on interesting projects. No project is too small or too large, and you should join us even if you just want to spend the time teaching yourself new programming languages. We're also happy to see some demos, hear lightning talks or generally natter about software development. Just bring your laptop, projects, a sweet treat - and voila!

* * *

Our next meetup is 7pm Wednesday 3rd May at Entrepreneur First. Sign up on Eventbrite to join us!

You can also join our Facebook group to hear of future meetups first and join the fun, or let us email you about the next meetup.


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